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President's Address

March 2019

March! It arrives in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. It’s the time we start to say goodbye to winter and look forward to the Spring. It’s also time to start to say goodbye to the winter favorites in the night sky, and we look forward to what the summer skies will bring. IF we can get some clear skies, it’s a last chance to take a look at your winter favorites such as Orion with all its rich offerings. While it has been prominently in the evening sky the last few months, Orion is setting earlier and earlier, in a month it will be too near the sun for viewing.

We can look forward to the summer which will bring constellations like Cygnus the Swan, Lira the Harp, and Aquila the Eagle. The brightest stars in each of these constellations, Denab, Vega, and Altair form the Summer Triangle, an Asterism that we can use to guide us to many terrific observable objects. These are already rising a bit after sunset, but as the spring moves to summer, they will become more prominent in the evening sky.

And of course, you still have the constellations to the north, like Cassiopeia (as we talked about at the February meeting), that stay visible all year. If you plan well this time of year, you can get a look at the best of the winter and best of summer during the spring. How about sharing a report own what you can see.

We have several events in the coming months. We scheduled an informal Star Party in March, and in April we hope to have a night to meet at SPMOS for members and guests to gather and observe. Hoping we can start to see a few clear nights, instead of the clouds we’ve been getting night after night. Details at the March meeting and on the Website.

Reminder to all that the annual dues are now delinquent; if you have not yet paid, please get your dues in as soon as possible. You can mail to our Treasurer, John Scholl, pay at the meeting, or pay by credit card on the website. And don’t forget to vote for the Photo of the month.

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, March 22nd, at 7:30PM at UNO Science Building. I hope you all enjoyed my presentation on Cassiopeia last month. We have Dr. Seab presenting in March. I hope to see all of you at the next meeting. Don’t forget to bring a guest!

Bill Johnson
PAS President 2018, 2019

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