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President's Address

November 2019

November, and cooler weather and clearer, crisper evenings are here. I can feel it already! Add in the end of Daylight Savings Time, and darkness comes an hour early. It gets DARK around 6:30PM! No more waiting until 8:45 just to be able to see a few very bright stars. Time to really get out and enjoy observing the heavens in what promises to be the best viewing conditions in a long time. I’m already hearing how spectacular the first two nights were at the Deep South Star Gaze, with reports of the best conditions in years. Those of us who are out observing know what it means to get these kinds of conditions. If you have not taken time to get out with the scope, and perhaps do some imaging as well, you really need to take advantage. There is also an opportunity for some daytime viewing - as Mercury transits the Sun on November 11th. This won’t happen again until 2032! This event takes place in the morning between 6:40AM and 11:40AM, Several members are planning to get together to view it on Monday morning. Check the Website for more details, as they are confirmed.

There are even two meteor showers to see this month, if you ‘re up for it. The Taurids Meteor shower will peak November 12th, and the Leonids peak on November 17th . Here’s hoping you can spend quality time under the stars and perhaps even report what you’ve been seeing at the next PAS meeting.

We have had several recent Outreach events, and they have gone well. I was out in City Park on Friday with Nanette and Mike Danielson, and we entertained about 50 campers from Live Oak Wilderness Camp. The excitement at seeing moon craters up close and personal, or viewing Saturn and Jupiter for the first time is the payoff for the time spent at these Outreach Events. While I was not able to attend the Bogue Chitto event on Saturday, others took part and promoted PAS to the public through this event. Sharing our fascination with the astronomical goodies to the public when we can is something we all should do as often as we can. We do have one more Outreach scheduled for Saturday November 8th -Chalmette Battlefield Urban Campout 6:30PM-9:00PM- this one has a lot of young campers spending the night at the battlefield. We were #1 requested program from previous campers. We’re still looking for some help with this one. Let me know if you can assist.

We also have the annual PAS Christmas Banquet scheduled for December 13th. While I have attendance confirmation from several members, note that we need your payment of $10/member and $30/additional guest payable to Treasurer John Scholl or at the November PAS meeting. Our next meeting will be held on Friday, November 15th, at 7:30PM at UNO Science Building, Room 1001.

I hope to see all of you at the next meeting. Don’t forget to bring a guest!

Bill Johnson
PAS President 2018, 2019

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