PAS Status as of October 2021:

Effective October 22nd PAS monthly meetings will resume being held at the UNO Science building Rm 1001.
  • Guests are always welcome to attend.
  • The water well at the SPMOS is currently not usable. Bring your own until further notice.
  • See the SPMOS page for other updates on its use.
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    President's Address

    January 2021

    Fellow Astronomers,

    Welcome back for what hopes to be another incredible year in astronomy. Many of you already know me but for those who don’t, my name is Philip Wollenberg. My wife is Cristina, and Parker is our beautiful baby boy. I am a chemical engineer by trade, so a little nerdy and geeky, and have been active in astronomy for 4 yrs. I love to observe visually (particularly with a group of fellow astronomers claiming to see the horsehead – yes. I did see it). However, astrophotography is where I spend most of my astronomy hours. Unlike the typical astronomer, I have only been able to acquire a single pricey optical tube, Televue NP-101. It does setup quick and gets several dozen uses per year. I have been negotiating with Cristina for a second, perhaps in 2021.

    We will start this year still operating in a virtual mode (via ZOOM) but hope to begin meeting again in person as soon as it is safe for everyone to do so. We will be planning some socially distanced in-town star gazing this year so stay tuned. Outreaches are still suspended but hope they will pick up in the second half of the year after vaccines become widespread.

    On Jan 23, Mercury starts a show and will be at its greatest east elongation and then by the 27th it will reach the highest point in the evening sky reaching a magnitude of -0.7. Look to the southwest at sunset, 5-6 pm, at 20 deg above the horizon.

    On Feb 18, the NASA rover Perseverance will touch down on Mars in the Jerzero Crater at 2pm CST.

    Looking forward to helping the club thrive in 2021.

    Philip Wollenberg
    PAS President 2021

    Upcoming Events

    2022 PAS Meeting Dates

    • January 21
    • February 18
    • March 18
    • April 15
    • May 20
    • June 17

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