PAS Status as of October 2021:

Effective October 22nd PAS monthly meetings will resume being held at the UNO Science building Rm 1001.
  • Guests are always welcome to attend.
  • The water well at the SPMOS is currently not usable. Bring your own until further notice.
  • See the SPMOS page for other updates on its use.
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    Past Events

    ASTRONOMY NIGHT at Bouge Chitto State Park:

    As expected we had a great crowd of over 100 visitors at Bouge Chitto State Park for Astronomy Night on June 8. We were able to offer some solar viewing for those anxious visitors arriving before sunset thanks to Laurie Hayes and Ed Matthews. Once the sun went down, and darkness set in, we were treated to the International Space Station flying overhead. We were also able to view a golden double star, the double star in the Big Dipper, and Jupiter, just to name a few. Thank you to all of the club members who turned out for this event.


    We had our first member's New Moon Saturday at SPMOS on June 1. We had a good crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy hamburgers cooked by club President Bill Johnson and good conversation. The observing that night was fun and better than most thought it would be. we had 5 telescopes and several pair of binoculars. One of the most popular features viewed was M13, It was a good and fun night.

    LIGO Field Trip - Saturday, June 16th

    PAS held a field trip to the LIGO Center in Livingston, LA recently. We had 30 PAS members and guests in attendance. The trip was very informative regarding the research done at LIGO. We saw a model of the mirror detection system, watched videos pertaining to the detection of gravitational waves, visited the control room and viewed the famous tunnels used in the detection process. Our guide, a graduate student from LSU currently working at LIGO, answered many questions from the PAS group and was most happy to explain and discuss many aspects of the work done at LIGO.

    Bogue Chitto State Park Outreach - Saturday, May 19th

    The recent outreach at Bogue Chitto State Park near Franklinton, LA was a huge success! We had a wonderful turn out of both club members, and the public. Viewers were able to see the moon, Venus, Jupiter and star clusters. Children and their parents all seemed to enjoy a new feature to our star gazes-a fabric panel of the Universe, which makes a great back drop for pictures. A big thank you to the club members who were able to participate and help PAS give the visitors a great showing of our night sky!

    Astronomy Day at the Infinity Space Center - Saturday, April 21st

    A cloudy day and threatening skies kept the turn out for Astronomy Day at the Infinity Space Center low. While PAS members Gabe Dickins, Bill and Nanette Johnson, Laurie Caniglio and Ed Matthews set up telescopes and manned the information table outside, John Martinez gave several presentations on Exo Planets to visitors inside the Space Center. In spite of the low turn out this year, Astronomy Day was definitely a success at the Infinity Space Center.

    Barataria Starry Night - Friday, March 23rd

    The evening began with clear skies. A few clouds rolled in at about 8:15, but did not obscure the entire sky. The crowd was knowledgeable and interested in the night sky. The favorite sightings seemed to be the moon and the Orion nebula. We also showed viewers the moon with binoculars and pointed out constellations while they waited in line at the telescopes. We were even treated to a very bright shooting star as it flew across the sky. And we were visited by numerous fireflies, adding their special light to the evening.

    Upcoming Events

    2022 PAS Meeting Dates

    • January 21
    • February 18
    • March 18
    • April 15
    • May 20
    • June 17

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